Dentures & Dental Services for Patients in West Virginia & Ohio

What are Dentures and How Can They Help Me?

Dentures are removable dental hardware that can replace teeth and help you live a normal life again. Whether you are missing all of your teeth, or just a few, dentures or partial dentures could be the best option for you. Dentures make it possible to smile, speak, chew, and eat normally, which would be very difficult to do without teeth. Even facial muscles sag when you lose your teeth, so dentures can fill out and improve your outer appearance as well! There are many different options when it comes to dentures, so if you believe that dentures may help you, contact us to speak with the dentist today!

Types of Dentures Available at Hardesty Dental in Parkersburg, WV

While many people believe that there is only one type of denture, there are actually quite a few to fit the needs of each individual dental patient. Traditional, or conventional, dentures are full sets of false teeth that can be removed, and are generally for those without any remaining natural teeth. Immediate dentures are ready to be used on the same day that any remaining teeth have been removed, but may need relined or reshaped after your gums have healed completely. Overdentures are for those with a few remaining teeth left, and are made to fit perfectly over these teeth to ensure stability and support. Regardless of what kind of dentures you may be in need of, Dr. Hardesty and his staff in Parkersburg, WV, can provide you with what you need!

What to Expect with New Dentures

While new dentures may take a bit of time to get used to, there are steps you can take to prepare for this adjustment period. Mild irritation or discomfort is normal, as well as a temporary increase in the amount of saliva you produce. New dentures may feel awkward and loose while your muscles get used to keeping them stable. If you are experiencing persistent pain or other issues, it is important to let your dentist know so that he can adjust your dentures if necessary. Regular checkups and meticulous oral hygiene will keep your dentures comfortable and in good condition for years, so be sure to heed any advice your dentist gives you!