Gum Restoration Services in Parkersburg, WV

Is Gum Restoration Right for You?

When your gums are no longer healthy enough to support your teeth normally, your dentist may recommend gum restoration. Gum tissue can recede and expose your teeth more and more until the roots are uncovered, causing damage to your overall oral health. Gum tissue grafts may be the best option for you. A gum graft procedure involves removing tissue from elsewhere in the oral cavity and attaching it to your gum lining, allowing the gap between your teeth and gum line to close. This allows your roots to remain protected and your teeth to remain in place. Contact us today to find out if gum restoration is the best option for you!

Ask About Gum Recession Concerns as Soon as Possible

Gum recession is much more common than most people think. Four to 12% of all adults experience gum recession, and because it is such a gradual process, most patients don’t realize they have it until it becomes painful or visibly noticeable. If you believe that your gums may be receding, talk to your dentist to find out what to expect. At Hardesty Dental, we want our patients to feel welcomed and informed, so we always take the time to listen to your concerns. Call today at (304) 485-4551 to find out more about gum recession and restoration as soon as possible!

The Right Gum Graft for You

There are three different types of gum graft procedures, each fitting the patient’s specific needs. The first type of gum graft is called a connective-tissue graft, where subepithelial connective tissue is removed from your palate and then attached to the gum line where the root is exposed. With free-gingival grafts, the second type of gum graft, a small piece of tissue is removed directly from the root of the mouth and attached to the problem area. The last type is a pedicle graft, which is when tissue is removed from the affected area, and is generally the best option for those with a good amount of gum tissue near the tooth. These options will be discussed with Dr. Hardesty to ensure that the procedure is right for you.

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