Tooth Sensitivity Treatments at Hardesty Dental in Wood County, WV

Sensitive Teeth? Call Dr. Hardesty in Parkersburg, WV

Having sensitive teeth can greatly reduce your quality of life. Avoiding hot or cold drinks, extreme weather, and other aggravations can be more than just a nuisance. If you are experiencing sensitivity in one or all of your teeth, your dentist may be able to help. Dr. Hardesty from Hardesty Dental Associates in Parkersburg, WV, can help you understand the cause of your tooth sensitivity, and can recommend a course of action that fits your needs. Contact us today if you are interested in sensitivity treatments that are effective and reliable!

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

There are many factors that could be the cause of your tooth sensitivity. If you have been brushing too hard, or not at all, you could be wearing your enamel away. Enamel is the protective layer on your teeth that prevents damage and sensitivity. Acidic foods and drinks can also wear down enamel, so be sure to cut back on soda, candy, and high-sugar carbs as much as possible to save your enamel and prevent sensitivity. Grinding or clenching your teeth can also lead to sensitivity, and having your teeth whitened can cause temporary sensitivity. However, there are some possible underlying factors of tooth sensitivity:

  • Shrinking/receding gums
  • Gum disease
  • A cracked tooth or dental filling

How to Prevent Sensitive Teeth

There are many ways you can prevent or stop tooth sensitivity. Whether you believe this sensitivity is temporary or long-term, it is important to take steps to reduce or eliminate it. Dr. Hardesty can recommend the course of action that is right for you, but generally, your options include:

  • Toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Fluoride gel
  • A dental filling to cover an exposed root
  • Sealants
  • Toothbrush-less desensitizing pastes
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