X-Rays for Dental Patients in West Virginia & Ohio

Dental X-Rays Prevent Decay, Disease, & Tooth Loss

There are many different reasons why your dentist needs to x-ray your teeth, however, the most common reason is the prevention of decay and disease. X-rays allow the dental team to determine how healthy your teeth are, and if there are any problems. This preventive measure is an effective way to fix problems before they become so severe that more drastic measures must be taken. If you believe that you are due for an x-ray, or if your dentist recommends one, contact Hardesty Dental today and our friendly staff will schedule you an appointment in no time!

Why Do I Need My Teeth X-Rayed?

There are many different reasons why having your teeth x-rayed is a good idea. Whether you are a new dental patient who need evaluated, or a return patient who needs routine check-ups to prevent decay and disease, it is important to expect to have them taken at least once a year. Patients who have had dental work done in the past should also schedule routine dental x-rays, in order to ensure that everything is where it should be and healthy. X-rays are also a good way to monitor growth and development, especially for children, teens, and young adults. Whatever the reason, schedule your x-ray at Hardesty Dental Associates today and keep your smile beautiful and healthy for years to come!

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